Susan Lori Rosen – Sims 4 Character

Susan Lori Rosen

Susan Lori Rosen is a VTK Model with the “Eve” Body Preset.
She’s Feminine, Charismatic, and Good.
She wants to be a multi-talented.
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Susan uses items from the following packs:

Eco Lifestyle (Ep 09)
Discovery University (Ep 08)
Get Famous (Ep 06)
Seasons (EP 05)
Get Together (Ep 02)
Vintage Glamour (SP 09)
Movie Hangout (SP 05)

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Susan Lori Rosen’s CC LIST:

Small Round Pearl Earrings (Accessories) – by VTK

Small Gold or Silver Loop Earrings (Accessories)

Right Middle Ring Glove Accessories – by VTK


“Eve’s Body” Body Preset – by VTK – by VicThaKilla or here are Other Body-Presets to Choose From

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Forest Fey [Default Eyes] – by DangerousFreeJellyFish Kelly

[EstrojansBlaqueBlushPT.2] – Makeup by Estrojans

[ Solivagant ] – Lip Colour – by Screaming Mustard @ TSR

WM thesims4 Eyelashes 201813 – by S-Club

WM ts4 eyelashes 201812 – by S-Club @ TSR

Hollywood Lashes – by LeahLillith @

Eyelash V1 – by

TS4 eyebrows 16, 17, 18 HQ – by


Semi Realistic Teeth 1 – by Kiellessa

Nose Sliders – by Obscurus

Esotropia and Exotropia Slider – by Obscurus

Eyebrow Slider – by

Obscurus Eyebrows Sliders N1 – by Obscurus

Up & Down Ear Slider – by

Expanded Nose Width Slider – By Teanmoon Teen – Teanmoon

Asymmetry Facial Slider – by

Simpliciaty Private Hair November 2019 – (Alternative – ChazyBazzy @

Kylah Dress – by Sifix @ TSR

Serena White Denim Jeans 9093 – by Pinkzombiecakes @ TSR

Madlen Debora Boots – by MJ95 @ TSR

Espadrille Wedges Remake Shoes – by DallasGirl

Slim Fit Jeans – by EsyraM @ TSR

Recolored Shoe Bundles With Sparkle Effect – by Serpentia a.k.a. T.Angel @ MTS

Simple Long Sleeve Tee (Fixed!) – by Darte77 @ TSR

Delightful Butterfly Camisole – by D4S (

La Luna Necklace – by Nords @ TSR


[MelodyElodie] Accessory Tops No. 3 – by MelodyElodie @ TSR

TS4 new mesh glasses 03 – by glaza

Geranium Earrings – by Feyona @ TSR

ts4 WM Watch 201802 – by S-Club @ TSR

r a v e n s h o r t s – by cosimetics @ TSR

Free Woolly – A BGC Coat as Top

Apple Nike Sport Watch V1 – Male / Female – by fredstuff @ TSR

S4 Polka Heart Bikini – by Margeh-75 @ TSR

ts4 LL Nails 201802 – by S-CLUB @ TSR

Hat Recolor – by Pisceansimmer on Tumblr

Light Dot Diamond Necklace – by alin2 @ TSR

Base game beanie recolours – by taffeite @ TSR

Passionate Romance MOD V1.1 – by

Life-Manager MOD V1.7 – by

Charismatic Trait – by Gobananas a.k.a. Twighlightsims

Feminine & Manly Traits – by Daleko @ MTS

Fogity Unlocked CAS Parts yf Shoes EP02 Retro Sneakers Multi White Orange
Note: (Be careful installing much other CC from Fogity besides what’s listed here from this site as some have the same resources from having the same mesh and can have an adverse affect on your game.)

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