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Here, you will be able to download custom made sims for the Sims 4, custom content, custom built houses and lots, and also custom body presets for use in your game making your gaming experience more fun and diverse.
Currently, the Killasims has over 800 custom made sims and nearing 100 body presets to choose from with more to come!
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VicThaKilla of The Killasims is a successful sim living in Windenburg who has made a fortune through quite a few lucrative business investments. He gives a lot back to his community, so he has become well favored global celebrity. VicThaKilla a.k.a. (VTK) has invested in businesses such as The Killa's Den Restaurant, Killa Cuisines Restaurant, The 10th Cloud Retail Store, Killa Disco, Killa Disco 2, The Landing Strip Club, The Upgraded Streamlet housing complex, and yes he built a home next to The ancient Ruins for a sim by the name of Tessa Maxima the Gigantess and her daughter, Daysia-Vue. VicThaKilla and his business colleagues have done very well creating profitable real estate. Although he was living in a nice big home close to everyone and he enjoyed being in the spotlight, he one day decided he wanted to move out near the coast for more peace and privacy. So, he built a fortress which he named, "The Falcon Fortress" just off the sea coast. This big beautiful mansion was too big for V.T.K. to enjoy alone being on a 64 x 64 lot so he decided to move his friends and business colleagues in with him.

The Falcon Fortress features a basement and four stories. VicThaKilla's Fortress features a huge state Of The Art Chef's Kitchen, Several spacious Bars for even larger crowds, Spacious Dining Areas, A Security Office/Temporary Holding Facility equipped with High Tech Surveillance Equipment, a huge Swimming Pool, a huge Dance Floor, A Gameroom, A Basketball Gym, Fitness, Health & Wellness Center, Laundromat, a Decontamination Room, Modeling & Movie Studios with Runway, Movie Theatre, a Business Center and much more!

Since building his new home and taking residence, VTK has started a modeling agency called V.T.K. Models which is part of Killa Inc which has it's headquarters in San Myshuno. We'll make lots, buildings, and houses available for you to download from our downloads page.


Add more excitement to your game with our supernatural fantasy characters such as Andrea the Vampire and Daysia-Vue Gigantess and Ramona Supra the Giants!
The Giants’ Body Presets both males and females available in Body Presets Downloads!

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Our mission at Killasims is to provide you fellow gamers who love the sims 4 with content that can enhance your gameplay making your game a lot more fun and interesting.

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The Killasims will be providing exclusive custom content such as custom made sims characters, custom built houses and buildings for your lots, custom made body presets to spice up your game and make it more diverse, playing tips, and other custom content. The KillaSims is not bombarding you with many ads like some websites nor leading you to deceptive and dangerous URLS or Ads. We would like you to support us by Liking our videos, Commenting, and most importantly, Susbscribing to our YouTube Channel. This is a good way to show your appreciation for the Sims 4 content here that we're making and giving you for free. Thank you for your support!