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Here, you will be able to download custom made sims for the Sims 4, custom content, custom built houses and lots, and also custom body presets for use in your game making your gaming experience more fun and diverse.
Currently, the Killasims has over 800 custom made sims and nearing 100 body presets to choose from with more to come!
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We are providing

Unique Created Sims

The KillaSims are over 600 custom unique made sims fit to be called VTK Models designed by none other than VicThaKilla (VTK).

Grab the Perfect Home, Venue Building, or Lot

The KillaSims will be providing you custom built houses and lots for downloading and using in your game.

Fresh New Body Presets

We have quite a few custom made Sims 4 Body Presets for you to add more diversity into your game and many more to come!


Add more excitement to your game with our supernatural fantasy characters such as Andrea the Vampire and Daysia-Vue Gigantess and Ramona Supra the Giants!
The Giants’ Body Presets both males and females available in Body Presets Downloads!

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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Welcome to the Custom Created Characters page where you can download sims of your choice for use in your game! We hope you like our sims and keep coming back for more!



Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Welcome to the KillaSims Houses, Venue Buildings, and Lots page for your Sims 4 game! Here, you will find downloads for custom created homes, venue buildings, and custom built or edited lots built by VicThaKilla.

Get Gorgeous!

Your sim wants to get her hair done and her nails did! What!? You can’t afford it? Stop being cheap and treat your sim who has been busting her tail all week long on some cheap job you allowed the system to push her into with very little pay! Your sim wants a makeover starting with her body! Give her the body shape she wants. We have just the perfect variety of body presets for you to choose from. Oh, and we also have a few for the guys who want to look good and impress the ladies! Get Your Sims Gorgeous New Body Presets!!



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