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Welcome to the Custom Created Characters page where you can download sims
of your choice for use in your game!
We hope you like our sims and keep coming back for more!

The Courtney Roberts & Felicia Morris Story
Movie Trailer



Sims 4 Celebrity Actress Kim Fields

Download The Royals Of Oasis Springs with their Body Presets on The KillaSims’ Patreon!

Queen Candice Cambridge

Princess Kora Carrington

Quentin Raheem Khali

Dayna Monet Chambers
( plus The “AUDITION V2” body preset )

Sheryl Sue Tanner
( plus “Natural Native” body preset )

Susan Lori Rosen
( plus “Eve’s” body preset )

Brandy Simone Williams
( plus The “HIP-HOP MODEL” body preset )

Aaliyah “Destiny” Reese
( plus “Stacked” body preset )

Reneshia Standard
( plus The “HEROINE V1” body preset )

Denise Olivia Singleton
( plus The “Built 1” body preset )

Joe Marion Cleary

Sims Made Without CC Downloads…

Download Alfonso Wilkinson (No CC) (Free On Patreon!)

Download Kevin Marshall Cardwell (No CC) (Free On Patreon!)

Download Cristina Cardwell (No CC) (Free On Patreon!)

Download Tara Crews (No CC) (Free On Patreon!)

Download Jeanette Malone (No CC) (Free On Patreon!)

Download Rebecca Stanton (Little CC) (Free On Patreon!)

Download Lauren Fooster (CC Free) (Free On Patreon!)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Corrine%20Duncan%20-%20%5BSim%5D%20-%20Corrine%20Duncan%20-%20%5B640x640%5D.png

Download Corrine Duncan (No CC)

Download Della Noble Givens (No CC)

Download Dianne Parish (No CC)

The Sims 4 NillaSims Characters Corrine Duncan, Della Noble Givens, & Dianne Parish

Many more custom created unique sims will be made available as time affords, so keep coming back as this site will be consistently updated! If we upload 1000 sims, we will create even more!


Nalani Mahai and her two BFFs were asked to do a new movie!
The all accepted! Nalani, however requested an uprade renovation to her house since the scene was to be shot on location and she also asked for a new makeover.
Check out Nalani and her friends! Download them and their house for your game!

Click on the thumbnail to wach The Mermaids’ Movie trailer.

These downloads will be made available as soon as the movie is released!

Download Nalani Mahi’ai & Her CC!


More Info & Download

Meet the newest addition to The Mermaids,…

Merideth Suni Mamoa, “The Golden Sunshine Mermaid” is a VTK Model with the “Natural Native” body preset. She’s feminine, charismatic, and cheerful. She wants to be a friend to the world!
Check out movies & videos showing Killa content at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAQKskh52B51-LSzJnlARDA

Her Video Debut Is Coming Soon!
To Download Her & Her CC, Go To Her Downloads Page! “The Golden Sunshine Mermaid” Downloads

GRACE ANANSI – Has received a makeover also. She still looks the same, however with a touchup on her makeup and things like that!

Free Download! – Download Grace Anansi with Makeover for free without having to join at The KillaSims Patreon!

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Also, as stated previously, we have some fantasy sims you might want in your game.
We have some vampires that don’t really look like vampires…

and some giants that well…
yeah, they’re very tall, so I would say that they look like giants!

Daysia-Vue Gigantess
Daysia-Vue Gigantess making dinner reservation.
Daysia-Vue Gigantess
Daysia-Vue Gigantess – greeted by fan and fellow celebrity, Alaina Darling O’Reilly.

Introducing The Giants of The Ancient Ruins of Windenburg. Starring goddess Tessa-Maxima Gigantess, her daughter Daysia-Vue Gigantess, their friends, Ramona Supra, and Kenneth-Optima Godfrey.
Watch their video… The Giants Of Windenburg

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