Denise Olivia Singleton – Sims 4 Character

Denise Olivia Singleton is a VTK Model. She has the “THE BUILT 1” Body Preset. She’s charismatic, outgoing, and a genius who loves the company of other sims. She wants to become a friend to the world.

Denise Olivia Singleton’s CC LIST Includes…

Download New Custom Body Presets!

Download Denise & “The NEW Updated BUILT 1” Body Preset

VTK Small Round Pearl Earrings (Accessories)

VTK Small Round Gold or Silver Loop Earrings (Accessories)

These are recolors of the basegame earrings.

NataliS_Pearl heart stud earrings

S-Club ts4 WM Glasses 202002

Bikini BD287 – by busra-tr

S-Club WM ts4 eyelashes 201707

lynxsimz – boss chain pants – The Sims 4

Jius-Pearl embellished pumps-01

Kiellessa Realistic Teeth

S-Club WM ts4 Watch 202003

Black Swan Earrings – by Tiffany.Vargas

Madlen Erbus Shoes

TS4 eyebrows 12 – by alfi-si

S-Club ts4 LL Nails 201802 – By #S-Club (These are nice! These work well with certain eyelashes such as Hollywood Lashes)

Ebonix Motherland Necklace

High Super Skinny Jeans – by Pinkzombiecakes

[EstrojansBlaqueBlushPT.2] – Makeup by Estrojans

Women’s jacket with a zipper with a white sweater – by Sims House

S-Club LL ts4 watch 06

ElfDor Valentines Shoes

100 Necklace – by Ebonix at

[Conversion] ‘8o8sims’ Jordan’s 1

Recolored Shoe Bundles With Sparkle Effect – by Serpentia at

S-Club WM ts4 bracelet 201801 L

S-Club WM ts4 Watch 202001

Kijiko yfAccessoyGlasses eyelash mesh3


toksik – Magnetized Watch

MMSIMS 3D Eyelash v3

High Waisted Denim Jeans

Prime Lipstick – by RemusSirion

Right Middle Ring Glove Accessories – by VTK

Carry Shoes – by Elfdor

Dutchess Earrings Buds – by Elfdor

GPME GOLD Lady Peach Collection 2018 Lipstick – by GOPPOLS Me

[ Solivagant ] – Lip Colour – by Screaming Mustard

Charismatic Trait – by GoBananas at

Breast Separation Slider – version 2 – by CmarNYC at

EarUpDownSlider mod – by LUUMIA

Female Waist and Hip Height Slider – by Hellfrozeover at

Shoulder Height Slider (All Genders) – by Hellfrozeover at

Eyebrows Sliders N1 – by Obscurus

Eyebrow Slider – by Miiko

VTK Adult Female “Tha Built 1” Sims 4 body preset by VicThaKilla

Facial Asymmetry Slider – by LUUMIA

Forest Fey Eyes – by DangerouslyFree Jellyfish

yfTop_Tank_Splatter – by Foggy Frontier

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