Willow Creek Hospital – Sims 4


Welcome to Willow Creek Medical Hospital!

I have extended this hospital and made it to accommodate my live in Chief Administrator and other Administrative Staff.
You can too by changing it to residential, moving your sim/s in, and then changing it back to medical clinic!
Your sims will become rich very quickly as they will reap the earnings of the hospital!
This hospital can accommodate an entire household of sims having 11 beds for staff.
You can work your sims staff whenever you like in this fast paced work environment which has patrons 24-7!  Note however, most of their regular work shifts will be performed at the rabbit hole hospital.
Hospital Staff must be employed in a career in the medical field of course.
I have 8 beautiful sims as Administrative Medical Staff living in mine and I will post them for my Patrons next!

If you have any problem with the elevators not working, download and install any necessary files from Little MsSam’s (WEE) Working Elevators Everywhere mod. Enjoy!

Welcome to Willow Creek Medical Hospital uses items from these packs:

Eco Lifestyle            (EP09)
City Living                 (EP03)
Get Together           (EP02)
Get To Work             (EP01)
Dine Out                    (GP03)
Spa Day                     (GP02)
Fitness                       (SP11)

Kids Room                (SP07)
Romantic Garden  (SP06)
Cool Kitchen           (SP03)
Perfect Patio          (SP02)

Lot Type: 1st Residential/Then Medical Clinic after moving in sims
Lot Size 50×50
Number of Floors: 4
Estmated Value: 638,000
Number of Bedrooms:  11
Number of Bathrooms: 12
File Size: 342 KB

Download free here at The KillaSims Patreon!

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