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2021DER WOMAN and her household

Welcome to the KillaSims Fantasy Sims Characters page!
Here, you will find fun and exciting new custom created fantasy characters to download. The fantasy characters and their body presets are available for download for Gold VIP Members!
We have vampires that look and act like normal sims. They just want to be humans and still have their powers. Most of the vampires in the KillaSims are this way, however, there are still a few that like to do things the Old Skool way and go out on the prowl at night. The KillaSims community is not the place for them to be openly threats to the human sim population, so they are low key and trying to blend in as much as possible. The most popular vampire of all is a good vampire by the name of Andrea. She’s a global celebrity and well beloved in the KillaSims community. She’s just as human as any sim, but super powerful!
We also have giants! Yes, VicThaKilla was in Windednburg surveying new land in the Ancient Ruins to build some new venues on and he ran across a giant demi goddess by the name of Tessa-maxima and her daughter, Daysia Vue. He also met their best friends and fellow gods/goddesses, Kenneth Godfrey who is as big as the Incredible Hulk and Ramona Supra BFF with Daysia-Vue. Since becoming close friends with VicThaKilla, the Giants of Windenburg’s Ancient Ruins have become global celebrities within the KillaSims Community. Now, Vic has heard of several more Giants from the regions of Sulani that have been spotted frequenting several of his venues such as the Killa Cuisines Restaurants in Del Sol Valley and Brindleton Bay and also Club Landing Strip in Windenburg. The female is a tall giant goddess wielding powers of spellcasters. No one knows her name yet, but those who have seen her have been calling her “2021DER WOMAN. She has a little brother also and they call him “2021DER MAN”. I don’t know if he should be called her little brother though.
There are spellcasters in the land and many want to gain notoriety as some of the most powerful spellcasters in all the worlds, so thee are constant battles being fought, rivals being made, and even friendship and close bonds being made.

THE 2021DER Giants travel to Magic Realm

Free Downloads! Nalani Mahi’ai, her household of friends with their body presets, & their 8 bedroom 2 bathroom home on the coast of Sulani here at The Killasims Patreon!
Nalani’s household consists of:
Merideth Suni Mamoa also known as “The Golden Sunshine Mermaid” who has “The Natural Native” body preset.

Viviana Payne who has the “Voluptuous V2” body preset.
Miranda Ford with the “AUDITION V2” body preset.
Solandra Whitney and the “AUDITION V2” body preset.
Daniela Alfredo and the “AUDITION V2” body preset.
Selena Alvarez and the “AUDITION V2” body preset.
Angelica Lynn Porter the “Eve’s Body” body preset.

Also download their8 Bedroom 2 bathroom 40×30 home which was the reef refinery, but is now a nice home for The Mermaids.

Meet the VTK Model version of Nalani Mahi’ai!
Nalani is cheerful, a child of the ocean, a child of the island, and a mermaid.
She wants to play the field and woo certain attractive sims.

She uses items from the following packs:

Island Living (EP07)
Get Famous (EP06)
City Living (EP03)
Get To Work (EP01)

Go to Nalani’s Downloads Page here!

Meet Meridith Suni Mamoa,
“The Golden Sunshine Mermaid”!

The Mermaids‘, Merideth Suni Mamoa, “The Golden Sunshine Mermaid” is a VTK Model with the “Natural Native” body preset.
She’s feminine, charismatic, and cheerful. She wants to be a friend to the world!

She uses items from the following packs:

Island Living (EP07)
Seasons (EP05)

Check out movies & videos showing Killa content at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAQKskh52B51-LSzJnlARDA

Her Video Debut Is Posted!
To Download Her & Her CC, Go To Her Downloads Page! “The Golden Sunshine Mermaid” Downloads

Tessa-Maxima and her Daughter Daysia-Vue and Ramona Supra’s Giant Body Preset
Download Tessa & Her Giant body preset at The KillaSims Patreon.
See The Giants Of Windenburg Video!

2021DER WOMAN’s Body Preset
Kenneth Godfrey’s Giant Body Preset

Kenneth Godfrey’s exclusive Giant Body Preset

2021DER MAN’s Giant Body Preset
Andrea Samuels The Vampire’s Body Preset

Andrea Samuels the Master Vampire

Alexia a.k.a. Alexis Monique Curry’s Body Preset

Alexis a.k.a. Alexis Monique Curry the Vampire and her sisters beginning with the eldest to the youngest…
Tonia Ann,

Chanel Desirae,

her two older sisters and…
Sylvia Denise Curry her younger sister.

Tonia, Chanel, and Sylvia all have the

“Naturalness” Body Preset while as stated previously above, Alexis has the “FINE MAMMA JAMMA V2” Body Preset.

Alexis is one of the liveliest sims of all!
Here’s a glimpse of Alexis and her body preset so you can see how the body preset will look on your character…

Free Download! – Download Grace Anansi with Makeover for free without having to join at The KillaSims Patreon!

Sims 4 Werewolves Supernatural Smackdown – Alpha Male Werewolf Christian FERRO’s – Epic Battles Compilation!

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