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So here, you can get a glimpse of some of our exclusive Patreon only content.


Nalani Mahi’ai & her best friends received a home renovation and their small reef refinery home was upgraded.
Nalani also received a VTK Model makeover for her new “THE MERMAIDS” movie.
Download Nalani Mahi’ai & her best friends, The Golden Sunshine Mermaid who has her own movie as well & others who live with her in their 8 bedroom reef refinery home on the coast of Sulani.

Download Nalani Mahi’ai and her household of best friends:
Merideth Suni Mamoa also known as “The Golden Sunshine Mermaid” who has “The Natural Native” body preset.

Viviana Payne who has the “Voluptuous V2” body preset.
Miranda Ford with the “AUDITION V2” body preset.
Solandra Whitney and the “AUDITION V2” body preset.
Daniela Alfredo and the “AUDITION V2” body preset.
Selena Alvarez and the “AUDITION V2” body preset.
Angelica Lynn Porter the “Eve’s Body” body preset.

Also download their 8 Bedroom 2 bathroom 40×30 home which was the reef refinery, but is now a nice home for The Mermaids.

Their CC Links are in a html files which are included with each sim.
I hope you try THE MERMAIDS in your game and enjoy them!


Download King Randolph Griffin, his wife, Queen Salma, their son, Trevor, their daughters, Jenny-Robina, Amanda, Julia, & Donna Susanne Griffin.
They are spellcasters as well as royalty.

In fact, Queen Salma was at first a powerful townie spellcaster at Magic Realm when I noticed her and decided to make her into a VTK Model and record her transfomation.
So, you can watch this 30 minute video if you’d like to see her being created.
The Making of The Beautiful & Powerful Spellcaster, Queen Salma Griffin.

King Randolph doesn’t use game packs or a custom body preset
He’s good, family-oriented, and loves children. He wants a successful lineage.

Queen Salma has the “AUDITION V2′ custom body preset and uses items from:
Realm Of Magic    (GP08)
Star Wars: Journey to Batuu (GP09)

She’s charismatic, loves children, and is family-oriented. She’s happy to have a big happy family.

Prince Trevor only uses items from base game.

Princess Jenny Robina uses items from:
Spa Day                     (GP02)
Vintage Glamour   (SP09)

She’s charismatic, ambitious, and materialistic. She wants to be fabulously wealthy.

Princess Amanda uses items from:
Spa Day                     (GP02)

She’s is good, faithful, and wants a big happy family. She also has the “AUDITION V2′ custom body preset.

Princess Julia uses items from:
Get To Work       (EP01)
Star Wars: Journey to Batuu (GP09)

She’s good, outgoing, and wants a big happy family. She also has the “AUDITION V2′ custom body preset.

Princess Donna Susanne uses items from:
Get To Work             (EP01)
Vintage Glamour   (SP09)

She’s good, ambitious, and charismatic.

Their home is a house at Rock Ridge Canyon (V2 NO CC) which I’ve renovated and added onto it.
Lot Type: Residential
Lot Size: 40×30
Lot Value: 180,427
Number Of Bedrooms: 4
Number Of Bathrooms: 3
File Size: 193 KB


Meet the Carringtons and the Cambridges, the two lovely royal families of Oasis Springs which have forged a lifelong bond in friendship.
Princess Kora Carrington & her best friend Princess Caroline Cambridge decided to build and open up a new restaurant in Oasis Springs which they named, “The Desert Bloom Oasis”.
This new business venture have brought their famiies even closer to the point that they are like one big happy family! Business is also great!

Beginning with King Jonathan Carrington who is the husband of Queen Izabelle Carrington and father of Prince Anthony, Princess Kora, and Princess Adricka.
King Jonathan also known as Jonah, has “The Mailman” body preset.
He’s brave, a family-man, and perceptive. He wants a successful lineage.

King Jonathan uses items from:

Eco Lifestyle           (EP09)
Vintage Glamour   (SP09)
Luxury Party            (SP01)

Queen Izabelle has the “Miss Plus V1” body preset.
She’s perceptive, self-absorbed, and active. She wants a successful lineage.

Queen Izabelle uses items from:

Get Famous             (EP06)
Star Wars: Journey to Batuu (GP09)
Vampires                   (GP04)
Vintage Glamour   (SP09)

Prince Anthony
has the “Better Male Body” body preset.
He’s brave and outgoing He wants a successful big happy family.

Prince Anthony uses items from: Basegame

Princess Kora
has the “Miss Plus V1” body preset.
She’s good, brave, and charismatic and wants a successful lineage.

Princess Kora uses items from:

Seasons                     (EP05)

Princess Adricka
has “THE AUDITION V2” body preset.She’s good, family-oriented, and outgoing. She wants a large loving family and successful lineage.

Princess Adricka uses items from:

Get To Work       (EP01)
Holiday                 (FP01)

King Zachary Cambridge
is husband to Queen Candice Cambridge.
Their son is Prince Derek and daughter is Princess Caroline.
He’s brave, manly, and self-assured. He wants a successful lineage.

King Zachary uses items from:

Get Famous             (EP06)
Vintage Glamour   (SP09)

Queen Candice
has the “Eve’s Body” preset.
She’s charismatic, brave, and family-oriented.
She wants a successful lineage.

Queen Candice uses items from:

Vampires                  (GP04)
Vintage Glamour   (SP09)

Princess Caroline
also has the “Eve’s Body” preset.
She’s good, charismatic, and family-oriented.
She wants a big happy family.

Princess Caroline uses items from:

Vintage Glamour   (SP09)

Prince Derek
has “The Mailman” body preset also.
He’s brave and manly. He wants his soulmate.

Prince Derek uses no items from any specific packs.

Download their home away from home, The Rio Verde Extra Expanded Oasis Springs Home here…

Download their “Desert Bloom Oasis Restaurant” here…

See Queen Izabelle & Princess Kora Carrington’s “Miss Plus V1” body preset!

The Miss “PLUS V1” Body Preset

Princess Kora Carrington is your model for the “Miss PLUS V1” body preset.
Here’s a short video clip so you can see this body preset in action. Princess Kora and her Miss PLUS V1 Body Preset video.
I made this body preset with plus-sized sims in mind to offer more variety of gorgeous shapes to larger sims, but as you can see, Princess Kora is small framed and it looks good on her also.

I recently noticed the flaw with this lovely body preset as I was about to share with you guys The Royals of Oasis Springs which are two families that are very close friends and business partners.

I noticed the flaw at the back of “The MISS PLUS V1”, so I’ve fixed that and another unnoticeable flaw and also made this body preset even smoother. So replace the original with this fixed version and give the newer version to all sims that had the original.
You can keep the original if you don’t see a need to change it, just make sure you only install only one or the other so there won’t be any conflicts. Okay. The Royals Of Oasis Springs are coming up next! Enjoy!

Let me know if you like these glimpses into The KillaSims’ Patron only Patreon content and I ill keep them coming! Thanks! VTK

The latest Exclusive creation!…

Download Tamara Davison & her “THA BOMB!” custom body preset!

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Join The KillaSims Patreon today and download all 3 Glitter Edition swimsuits from the Glitter Collection!
We have The KS 2-Piece Glitter Full Body Swimsuit,
The Dovely Model Glitter Full Body Swimsuit, &
The Silky Satin V1 Full Body Swimsuit!

The Glitter Edition Swimsuits come in a variety of glitter swatches as well as other swatches!

Here is a list of the Glitter Swatches:















Be sure to check these out!

Mens Nike Outfit By VTK

The Men’s Nike Sports Oufit By VTK is a fullbody jumpsuit for Teens-Elders!
It has 10 swatches!
The colors are black, white, gray, red, blue, and yellow.
It can be worn by men or women, but it looks better on males.
I’ll make one later for females also.
This outfit can be found in everyday, athletic, party, hot weather, and cold weather categories.
It can also be a situational outfit.
It can be found using the jumpsuit, costume, or outerwear filter in Create-A-Sim.
All LODS are present.
It’s non-random and isn’t restricted for either gender or frame.
It also comes with an accessory hat which I’ll have ready and post also soon!
See it here in this YouTube video!
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The Luis Vuitton Belted Long Dress By VTK

The Luis Vuitton Belted Long Dress By VTK is for Teens-Elders.

It comes in 9 swatches using white, black, pink, brown, orange, gray, and yellow!

It’s in everyday, formal, party, and hot day categories.

All LODs are present.

It’s non-random and is restricted for opposite gender & frame.

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