Mya Summer Randolph

Mya Summer Randolph is a VTK Model with the “INFINITE SHELF LIFE” body preset. She’s charismatic, outgoing, and a party animal.
She wants to throw and attend the best parties!

She uses items from the following packs:

Island Living (EP07)
Get To Work (EP01)
Throwback Fit (SP20)

Mya has gained over 3 million followers!
Check out Mya’s video debut!

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Mya’s Pictures…

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Sims 4 Celebrity Actress Kim Fields

Kim Fields is a VTK Model with the “AUDITION V2” body preset.
She’s cheerful, creative, and charismatic!

Her aspiration is to become a world-famous celebrity and she has already achieved that!

Sims 4 Actress Kim Fields Makes Her Video Debut With The Mermaids!

Check Out Her Video Debut On YouTube!

In this video, Kim and her new friends, Nalani Mahi’ai & The Mermaids
visit Club Landing Strip and gladly show off their dance moves without fear! Thanks for watching!

She uses items from the following packs:

Digital Deluxe Upgrade (Base)
Snowy Escape (EP10)
Eco Lifestyle (EP09)
Island Living (EP07)
Get Together (EP02)
Spa Day (GP02)

Laundry Day (SP13)
Vintage Glamour (SP09)


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Meridith Suni Mamoa

Merideth Suni Mamoa, “The Golden Sunshine Mermaid” is a VTK Model with the “Natural Native” body preset. She’s feminine, charismatic, and cheerful. She wants to be a friend to the world!

She uses items from the following packs:

Island Living (EP07)
Seasons (EP05)


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Her “Natural Native” body preset, so she with her body preset are Patrons Only.

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Download Nalani, her household of friends with their body presets, & their 8 bedroom 2 bathroom home on the coast of Sulani here at The Killasims Patreon!


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Princess Kora Carrington

Princess Kora Carrington

Princess Kora Carrington is a VTK Model with the “Miss Plus V1” body preset.
She’s good, brave, and charismatic and wants a successful lineage.
She uses items from these following packs:
Get To Work
Vintage Glamour

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The Story Behind Princess Kora…

The Queens & Their Princesses Sims 4 Video Debut Opening The Desert Bloom Oasis Restaurant


Queens Candice & her daughter, Princess Caroline Applegate along with their best friends Forever Queen Izabelle & her daughter, Princess Kora Carrington go on a joint business venture opening a new restaurant which they’ve buit from the ground up. They really want this venture to be a success. They are not concerned about anything that could go wrong with the relationships and cause the business partnership to go sour. They’ve been friends for the longest. Their main concern is the restaurant being first class in quality foods, drinks, and service. Are these royals being a bit naive and underestimating how often and easily friendships and partnerships can come to ruin? Will these friendships work out? Will the business relationships weather the storms? Find out by watching the episodes of “The Queens & Their Princesses.”
Their fathers, the Kings are on their way!

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