The Mermaids’ Reef Refinery Home – Sims 4 CC Download


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The Mermaids’ Reef Refinery Home – More Pics!

Download the Mermaids’ New Renovated Reef Refinery Home!

The Mermaids’ Reef Refinery was upgraded by VTK.
This remote beachfront loft mixes contemporary design with traditional elements as it sits on the edge of island civilization and marine bliss.

Lot Type: Residential
Lot Size: 40×30
Lot Value: $ 190,505
No. of Bedrooms: 03
No. of Bathrooms: 01
File Size: 157.83 KB

The Mermaids Reef Refinery Home uses items from the following packs:

The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe Upgrade
Eco Lifestyle (Ep 09)
Island Living (Ep 07)
Get Famous (Ep 06)
City Living (Ep 03)
Get Together (Ep 02)
Realm of Magic (GP 08)
Jungle Adventure (GP 06)
Vampires (GP 04)
Spa Day (GP 02)
Outdoor Retreat (GP 01)
Backyard (SP 08)
Perfect Patio (SP 02)


Front of Club Landing Strip
Left Side of Club Landing Strip
Rear Left of Club Landing Strip
Alt View Club Landing Strip
Alt View Club Landing Strip
Alt View Club Landing Strip

Owned by VicThaKilla, Club Landing Strip is an upscale night club for grown up sims to relax, let their hair down, and have fun. This club is the perfect place for adult sims to have some night time entertainment be it relaxing at the juice bar getting full of food and drinks or getting out on that huge dance floor and busting some moves! This isn’t the place to be shy. You might get embarrassed in front of errbody! Sims from all walks of life love to come in here and have fun!

Club Landing Strip has 6 floors which are unnecessary unless you plan to build extra rooms. Nevertheless, this place is huge with everything your sims need in a dance club to have fun! If your sims get hungry, on the
1st floor, we have a built in restaurant on the first floor with three chef stations and plenty of seating. If they get tired of dancing and just want to relax, there is a huge flat screen television with a sofa, a computer room with high speed internet, Lol! … a bedroom for VIPs, and a comfortable restroom.
The Basement floor is where all the fun is! This is where the huge dance floor is located with many designated dancing areas. A big stage for those who like to show off their skills whether they be dancing, DJ-ing at the DJ Booth, comedy, singing, rapping, or playing an instrument. Next to the stage is a dual retro jukebox. There are loveseats along the wall for some couples’ alternative dancing if you know what I mean. There is a 3 unit bar for 3 different bartenders, several flat screen televisions for those bar patrons, a larg and luxurious restroom with 4 toilets and 4 showers. Last, but not least, there is a massage parlor with 6 tables where guests can show their friendliness towards whoever they want to in the club. No need for staff.
The other floors are insignificant except the club owners and VIPs can have some privacy and even spend the night if they like. You just need to see this club live in action, so check out the video and others on our YouTube Channel, “KillaSims”.

Lot Type: Dance Club
Lot Size: 64 x 64
Estimated Value: 630,289
Number of Floors: 6
Bedrooms: 7
Bathrooms: 5

Download Club Landing Strip

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The Falcon Fortress – Sims 4 Luxurious Mansion

The Falcon’s Front Side
The Falcon’s Left Side
The Falcon’s Back Side
The Falcon’s Right Side

VicThaKilla’s “Falcon Fortress” features a huge state Of The Art Chef’s Kitchen, Several spacious Bars for even larger crowds, Spacious Dining Areas, A Security Office/Temporary Holding Facility equipped with High Tech Surveillance Equipment, a huge Swimming Pool, a huge Dance Floor, A Gameroom, A Basketball Gym, Fitness, Health & Wellness Center, Laundromat, a Decontamination Room, Modeling & Movie Studios with Runway, Movie Theatre, a Business Center and much more!
There is really just too much to show and describe here, but we’ll give you a video tour of each floor so you can see how elegant and well designed is this mansion.

Lot Type: Residential
Lot Size: 64 x 64
Estimated Value: 2,055,973
Number of Floors: 5
Bedrooms: 9+
Bathrooms: 9+

Download Falcon Fortress

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The Killa Cuisines Restaurant for The Sims 4

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Brindleton Bay area

THE KILLA CUISINES RESTAURANT – You’re going to love this one!
It’s wide open, very spacious with high walls, and luxurious!
Killa Cuisines is a fancy restaurant created by VicThaKilla a.k.a. V.T.K. of The KillaSims.

This restaurant has security cameras on the first and second floors.
The 1st Floor has a huge womens’ restroom with 6 bathrooms and 3 showers,
a men’s restroom with 6 bathrooms and 3 showers, a huge 3-Chef Station in a State of The Arts Kitchen, a 3-Unit Bar Station with bar stools.
A small Dance Floor, a Grand Piano, a Microphone, Corner and Wall Seating,
5 Dining Areas, 3 Hosts Stations, 3 Wall Televisions with seating, six waiter/waitress stations,
1 Instant Teleport Elevator, a Flight of Stairs, an Open Employee office with a Computer Workstation and a Big Boss Computer Workstation, and Security Cameras, and Wall Music Speakers throughout.

The 2nd Floor has a Huge restroom that is gender neutral with 6 bathrooms and 3 showers, 3 Huge Bedrooms, A Huge Dance Floor surrounded by glass see-thru Dance Floors, a DJ Booth, A Music Stereo, A 3-Unit Bartenders Station with Bar Stools,
A big Screen Wall Television with 3 Sofas, a small Dining Area,
a Disco Ball, Security Cameras, and Wall Music Speakers throughout.

Lot Type: Restaurant
Lot Size: 64 x 64
Estimated Value: 893,200

Number of Floors: 3
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 18

Download The Killa Cuisines Restaurant

The Del Rio area

Killa Cuisines is a fancy restaurant with plenty of space and accommodations!

Killa Cuisines has been built in the prosperous Del Sol Valley overlooking the city skyline.
There’s a second Killa Cuisines over in Brindleton Bay where the school used to be.


Download The Killa Cuisines V2 With Signs!

Here’s a list of the CC that you need to complete The Killa Cuisines Restaurant:

Modernism Toilet – by

Form and Function dishwasher – by

FancyTime Firebox (Extra Fancy Edition) – by thejim07

Dance Floors – by (Rated 5 Stars by KillaSims!)

Minc7878-MXIMS Twemco Quartz Calendar Clock – by by Minc7878-MXIMS (Not the direct link)

Discotheque mirrorball (animated Bola Disco Ball) – by eve28 at Mod The Sims

Functional Elevators (Teleporter and Elevators for community and residential lots) – by K9DB at Mod The Sims

Darian Mirror – by daer0n

SV [Lilit diningroom] Chair – by Severinka, TSRAA

MXIMS LIFE LOVE HOME Prints (Wall Decoration) – by Mxims and Art by Bruno (Not Direct Link)

Liaison Transparent Washbasin By Villeroy and Boch – Dox-7

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